I Pack Like Ginger

I’m off for a work trip again this week – this time to Ketchikan AK.  I’m anticipating quiet nights in my hotel room, and am bringing 2 already started projects and the stuff to start my ADVENTure wrap when the 1st rolls around!

First WIP is the first pair of socks from the Lattes & Llamas S.O.C.K. club, the Kaylee socks…


I will admit – these socks are not something I would have naturally picked to knit.  They are way outside my color wheelhouse, and are a little…exuberant for me. They are patterned after Kaylee’s parasol, which is a different and fun direction to go in.  (Those of you who know Firefly know what I am talking about.  If you are not familiar with Firefly, here is a link to some images of Kaylee and her parasol.) I appreciate that they are doing something different around Firefly – the obvious and usual choice is Jayne’s hat, which they said right out they didn’t want to do as it had already been done.  (Link will take you to an article with images, and also some stuff about how Fox is a minion of the devil.) However, I did decide when I started this club that I would knit what I got.  And I have to say now that my eyes have gotten used to the brightness, they are growing on me 🙂

The second WIP is the very last Geek-Along block for the 2017 afghan.  I only have a few rows done on it, so no picture.  I was hoping this block would be Wonder Woman, but it is Nighthawk.  Well, you win some and you lose some. But I’m hoping to get it knocked out this week.  Then I only have to arrange all the squares and crochet them together and then crochet an edging. And I can’t really crochet. But a friend from work says she will teach me, so that will be OK.  Easy peasey!

Last of all, I have the directions and my first two mystery packets to start my ADVENTurous wrap!  I should be home by the 2nd, but travel can be uncertain, so I brought the first two packages.  I also have the needles and the directions, so I am ready to roll on 12/1.  So hard to believe it is December already!

So I shouldn’t run out of knitting. It suddenly occurs to me that I pack for work trips like Ginger packed for that famous “three-hour tour” on Gilligan’s Island. Will I get them all done?  Very likely not, but who can say?

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