A Few Geekeries More

Since last I wrote here, I’ve been hitting the Geek-Along squares hard.  For anyone who doesn’t know, the Geek-Along is a knit or crochet along that lasts most of the year. Each week the girls from Lattes & Llamas, a yarn and design company, release a new square for Geek-Alongers to complete. They do 48 squares each year, which you can then connect together into an afghan.  Or really, you can do what you like with them, but a blanket is the intended end result.  The patterns are free, though they do suggest a donation to Child’s Play charity.  You can knit them in their Geek-Along yarn, if you so choose, but can also do them in whatever yarn you like.

Anyway, I’ve been working my way through this year’s squares as they come out.  But because it’s a little disruptive to break off whatever projects I’m doing each week to do a square, I have gotten into the habit of ignoring it for a few weeks, then powering through a bunch of them.  This time I let quite a few build up, so now I have to hit it.  Also, we’re coming to the end of new squares.  Last Sunday #46 appeared, so there are two squares left.  I’ve enjoyed this, but am very much looking forward to being done with it!

Anyway, my progress this week so far is as follows:

The big square on the left is Peggy Carter’s square (woot!), the upper right is the Blue Beetle (? no idea), and the lower right is the Fantastic Four.  I just finished knitting another one right before I sat down to post this, but I need to get it blocked.  Next time, even more geekery!


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