Antepenultimate Geekery

Well.  As advertised, I have been hammering away at the Geek-Along squares I let build up.  This past Sunday, #47 out of 48 was released, and it too is done.  So there’s one square left!  Then, of course, the next phase of all this begins.  But more about that later.  For now, here’s what I have gotten done lately…

Clockwise from upper left is Thor (that’s Mjolnir), Kitty Pryde (?apparently that is her sidekick?), Beast Boy, Static Shock, and finally Spider Gwen.  I freely admit I have no idea who three of these five characters is, but still – they are done!  (For the curious, I know Thor, of course, because I am alive on planet Earth, and I also know Spider Gwen.) So we will have one last square, and I am wondering who it will be.  It will be of a DC character, and I am kind of hoping for Wonder Woman, but don’t know.  Check back – you will find out shortly after I do!

But for now, I am on Staycation, and have 5 glorious days to knit what I want.  What will it be?  Socks?  Shawl?  Maybe a design project I have had in mine for a while? All three? Who can say? To the stash!

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