Progress With a Little Backtracking

Time for the midweek WIP report! First, the semi-success.  I finished the back of my colorwork top of many previous posts fame, and got started on the front!


Right after taking this picture, I decided to get out the back to count the rows of ribbing I had done.  As I’m counting, I’m noticing that it looks – kind of different…  And it is –  because it’s supposed to be garter ribbing, not plain ribbing.  D’oh!  Out it came.  But it’s cast back on again, and I’m back at it.  At least I wasn’t very far along!

Next, my Hunting Sasquatch socks are coming along very well.


Almost at the end of clue 2 out of 3, so I’m getting there, and very happy with how they are turning out! As you can see, they are top-down, which I’m still not sold on.  I haven’t tried them on yet, as there’s quite a bit going on with these and I don’t want to stick my foot into this thicket of yarn.  I just picked the size that should work based on the gauge and am hoping for the best.  Can you see where Sasquatch is?  He’s pretty well camouflaged, but he’s there!

The L&L girls did a reveal on their blog today with pictures of their completed socks, and mine are looking right, so that was encouraging.  Then they told a funny story about taking the sock pictures, and finished with an intriguing little hint.  It goes, and I quote “Our next cryptid knit along begins in November! I hope you’ll join us for a “hopping” good time.”

My first reaction to that was “Well of course I will be joining you for your next cryptid knit along! If you decide your business model is all cryptid knit alongs all the time, I will just take a year’s subscription right now, thank you very much!”  But my second reaction was  – Hopping?  Wait.  What now? Hopping

All day long I have been racking my brains trying to think of a cryptid that is known for hopping.  Mothman, Jersey Devil, Chupacabra, Skunk Ape, Wendingo, Nessie, Chessie… None that I can think of hops. Skittering, flying, lurching, lumbering and teleporting – yes, certainly.  Hopping, no.

If you know of a cryptid that hops, let me know – I don’t know if I can wait until November!

5 thoughts on “Progress With a Little Backtracking

  1. Here in Northern Virginia, we have “The Bunnyman.” He’s not exactly a cryptid, but *is* a local legend. I don’t imagine he’d be that well known in their area of Pennsylvania, but it is possible they’ve heard of him.

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