Yet Another Soxual Experiment


The soxual experiment you see before you is purely a travel project.  I started them the night before I left for Florida, worked on them exclusively while there, and just finished them last night.  So they went for a little longer than just my trip, but still, they were with me for two days of flying and waiting to fly, and all of my down time while visiting my family.

I didn’t really experiment too much with these, they are short row toes and heels, and the rest is plain stockinette, except at the top where I went to k2p2 ribbing. I didn’t use a pattern, just the general “formula”, and they turned out fine.  The yarn is so fancy that I didn’t want to detract from the beautiful colors!  The yarn was hand-painted onto sock blanks, then unraveled.  The dyer was looking to create a vision of Alaska – sea, fireweeds, mountains, and sky – and I’d say she succeeded brilliantly!

Here is the yarn in its unknitted state:


For anyone wondering about knitting socks without a pattern, start by getting the gauge of your yarn on your needles.  In this instance, that was 9 stitches per in.  Then get the measurement around the widest part of your foot.  In my case, that’s 9 inches around.  So, doing the math, I needed to have 9×9 stitches, which is 81 stitches.  But not so fast!  You need to reduce that by 10%, because you want to have negative ease* in socks.  So that’s 72.9, which I rounded down to 72.

Because I was doing short row toes, I cast on half that number, or 36, using a provisional cast on.  I did the short row toes, unpicked the provisional cast on and picked up those stitches, and voila!  there are all your stitches.  Then I just knit until my knitting is at the middle of my ankle bone, then did short row heels, which kind of work the same as short row toes except you don’t have the provisional cast-on to deal with.  Then again, just knit until you are getting to the end of your yarn. Do some ribbing, then cast off with a stretchy method.  I used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off.  And there you have it – socks!


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