Wednesday WIP

I do enjoy alliteration 🙂

Anyway, project numbers have calmed down here a bit, in spite of what is beginning to look like a bad case of starteritis.  Since I last posted, I have finished two more Geek-Along squares

This is Dr. Fate and Daredevil.  I had not previously heard of Dr. Fate, and had heard of Daredevil, but nothing good.  One of the neat things about this project is learning about characters I had no idea of previously.  Fun stuff!

What I have on the needles right now is a Giotto Top, which currently looks like this…


I’m changing a few things from the design.  Specifically, I’m doing both the front and the back as colorblock, where the original has the back as all one color.  But that’s no fun!  There are several more things I want to start, but I’m making myself behave for the moment.  We’ll see how long that lasts!

I’m leaving on a vacation tomorrow night, and my travel project will be another plain knit/fancy yarn pair of socks.  Pics as things occur!

What are you working on?

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