Festival of FOs

This was a week of getting things done!  It was a tough slog of a week in the work sense, but somehow or the other I managed to finish off some knitting over the course of it.  First up, my lace sampler top…


It is based on the Cancun Boxy Lace top, which is free on Ravelry!  I did change it up a little bit,using some different lace patterns in addition to the ones the designer included.  If you look at other projects from this pattern, you will see that a lot of people did something similar.  If you do try this at home, look for lace patterns that don’t have a really big repeat, and that will play well with others.  The yarn I used, Nako Fiore is a bamboo/cotton/linen blend that is very light and drapy.  It doesn’t have much stretch at all, but it is a good summerweight yarn.

Other than that, I got several more Geek Along blocks done…

That is Loki and Black Canary, who is another character I had no idea of before doing this blanket.  I also finished knitting Dr. Fate, but he is blocking now.

Whew!  Next up – what to start next?

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