Midweek WIP

The Work In Progress this week continues to be my lace sampler top.  How’s it going?

About like this…


So pretty well!  The last time I mentioned it, I was about an inch or two into.  Shortly after that point, I did a sort of preliminary evaluation, and realized I had made it much, much too wide.  I am sort of eyeballing this thing in comparison to a shell/top that I like the fit of, and it was about half again as wide.  So I frogged it. Which always feels tragic, but why keep on making the same mistake?  And while I was casting back on, I figured, why not just do both halves at once?  So yes, that is a second item you see bunched up above the display half. Then when it’s done, it’s done.  Also, you don’t then have to remember what you did on the first half when you go to do the second one.

The yarn I am using is Nako Fiori, which is a pretty nice summer-weight yarn. It is a blend of bamboo rayon, cotton and linen.  It has a pretty nice drape already, and it pretty easy to knit with.  It is very loosely spun, so not something you necessarily want to be going at with pointy-pointy needles.

I’m also taking liberties with the pattern a bit, which many knitters seem to have done.

DSC08363.JPG And it’s pretty easy to do – just find a basic lace pattern you’d like to include and go at it!  I don’t know if the format would really lend itself to a more complex pattern.  If you want to go that way, just adapt the concept and do two big panels of the pattern you like and call it good.

Further updates as it progresses!


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