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I May Have Identified the Cause…

The last time I discussed my stash here, the post was written after a prolonged period of standing around staring at my considerable heap of yarn in mild horror.  Then I went nosing around a few other, much larger, stashes on Ravelry to make myself feel better. Kind of like how watching a Hoarders marathon makes you feel better about your own mildly untidy living room, even though it does make you much more conscientious about getting rid of those extra magazines you were thinking about keeping.  Anyway, the end result of that day was that I swore to myself that I was going to abstain from yarn buying for a least a couple of months. Long enough to knit some of that mess down, anyway.

That said, here is all the yarn that has come into the house since the day I swore “No more yarn for a while!”


This lovely skein was gifted to me from GnarledPaw – so that really doesn’t count.  Also it’s beautiful, and this yarn is awesome to knit with.


Then I bought this yarn to use on my Geek-Along afghan.  So that doesn’t count, because it’s merely an extension of an existing project.  Also it’s very pretty and I love the color.

Then I didn’t delete a Gnome Acres email quick enough, and had to buy one of these amazing Wonder Woman mini-skein bundles and mini pack of Yarnaburger yarn.  I have no excuse here.  I don’t even know what I’m going to do with them. They’re just cool. It’s a little difficult to make out, but the WW yarn is sparkly, and comes with two WW slap bracelets.  Also, each of the skeins is 76 yds long, and she made 76 of these bundles.  Guess why?*


Then I didn’t delete a Jimmy Beans email quick enough, and immediately fell prey to their Shark Bite II KAL, because look at how cute! So that’s what this yarn is for.  Exploring further into the designer’s page, Shark Bite I is also pretty awesome, but so far I am resisting.  Probably not for long, though.

And then finally, the first installment of my new Lattes and Llamas S.O.C.K. club came.  Which I bought a while ago, so… No.  No excuse here either.  This is another nerd-themed offering from the ladies bringing us the Geek-Along, so you know it’s going to be good!  Here is my first package.


As you can see, it is Kaylee/Firefly themed, and it is fabulous!  Love the yarn color, the pattern that came with it is also awesome, and the cute little extras make it even better.  The stitch markers, the nice little balms, and the cute little Kaylee drink parasols – all just so cute and right on theme!  I just love this package, and so looking forward to the rest of the year!

So the long and short of this is – I think I see why I have 6 bins of yarn.  Better get knitting!

*Because the first Wonder Woman comic appearance was in 1941.

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