Wednesday WIP

This post is really more going to be about recently finished items than WIPs, but it’s a catchy title anyway.


These are all the Geek-A-Long squares I’ve gotten done since I last mentioned them.  A couple of them got done a week or so ago, and then I hammered (or knitted) out the rest of them this past long weekend.  In case you aren’t up on your Marvel or DC folks, the upper row, left to right are Matter-Eater Lad (I had never heard of him either), Raven, and Deadpool. In the lower row, also left to right, Jessica Jones, Green Lantern, and Ms. Marvel.

We are kind of on the downhill side of this project, although there is still quite a way to go.  The Lattes & Llamas girls are posting 48 squares, though of course I don’t have to make all of them.  Although if I was going to be picky, I probably wouldn’t have a Matter Eater lad square.  And yet there he is.  The good thing is, they are manageable projects, and can be done pretty quickly.  So I can safely ignore it for a couple of weeks, and then catch up pretty quickly!

What is actually on the needles right now is my red lace sampler top.  Since I last wrote about it, I realized it was WAY too wide and ripped it back to start up with a more reasonable stitch count.  While I was doing that, I decided to make the front and back at the same time, so I cast them back on. So I’ve gotten a couple of lace patterns in, and just measured it again – right on track!  So that’s a relief!

What do you have on the needles?


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