This week, I finally finished my Provence shawl, of many previous posts fame.  So I finished knitting, and wove in all my ends, and gave it a good soak, and squeezed out the excess water – like you do.  And then when I was stretching it out to dry, I saw it.


I screwed up adding the leaves onto the flowers.  Just completely missed one leaf.

After the requisite swearing and hoping maybe I was hallucinating although I knew in my heart I wasn’t, it was time to figure out what to do.

  1. Leave it alone.
  2. Rip out the whole entire shawl and most of the leaves and knit the whole thing over again.
  3. Try to figure a way to fudge it.

1 was out of the question.  Scroll back up and look at that again.  I’ll wait.

See?  Really obvious and not to be ignored, even by me.  And I will ignore a lot if it saves me effort.  2 is likewise right out.  That would be practically starting again and redoing roughly a month of knitting.  Boring garter stitch knitting at that.  So no.

That left trying to retcon a fix in there.  The plus side of trying to do something like that with this pattern is that it is kind of modular, so it is possible to kind of fix a section without any dramatic ripping back.

I started by securing the stitches that were attached to the affected area, like so…


Ripped out the one good leaf in this section, wincing all the way. Then I picked up and cast on like you normally would for the leaves, but shorter than you normally would.  There is still only one leaf’s worth of shawl stitches to connect to, so I wasn’t able to do an exact fix. But I was able to jam two shorter leaves into that area with the middle pendant leaf between them.  Here is how it turned out…


When the whole thing is stretched out flat, you can definitely pick it out, but that is not how this shawl is deployed in the wild.  It normally looks like this…


Where it actually isn’t noticeable at all.  Whew!

In other, more boring news, I also finally finished Strandwanderer with no problems whatsoever!

DSC08317 (2)


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