The Neverending Shawl

So I have been knitting on this shawl, which if you have read any previous posts you have probably already seen, for what seems like forever.  But is really since mid-April, which is long enough.  True, I have also been working on another shawl and a series of afghan blocks at the same time, but still.  It’s been a long time and I’m ready to move on.

Determined to finish the dang thing this week, I brought the shawl and its adjunct equipment and supplies along on my work trip this past week.  I was so sure I would get it done that I contemplated bringing maybe an auxiliary project along for when I got done.  As it turns out, that would have just amounted to giving some yarn an airplane ride.

Very early last Sunday morning, shortly after checking into my hotel for my work trip, I took this photo:

shawl 1.jpg

Showing progress thus far.  Following the taking of this picture, I spent all free time that I wasn’t spending working or sleeping on that trip knitting on this shawl, including waiting in the airport and the three hour flight home.  So probably 20-30 hours of knitting total.  Here is how the shawl looks this morning

shawl 2

It looks a little bit bigger.  And the ball of yarn looks a little bit smaller.  But it definitely does not look done.  Or even almost done.  Sigh.  Back to it!

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