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Another Adventure with a Side of Yarn

Well, last week was pretty exciting.  I went to Fairbanks AK for work, which happens a couple of times a year, and this time Mr. Quiteayarn came along with me!  He took it as a vacation, while I was working but did get some downtime in.

We started with a trip up on the Alaska Railroad a couple of days before I needed to work. I usually fly, which is much, much faster but also much, much less scenic.  The ride was amazing – we had very clear conditions, so we got great views of Denali the whole way, which is not a thing you can count on.  Also on the ride we saw moose, eagles, Dall sheep, and a lot of really stunning scenery.

Then when we got there, we went to see the World Ice Carving Championship, which was amazing!  We went during the day to see the ice carvings in the daylight, and also at night because the sculptures are lit up.  It was really something special 🙂

And finally, one night about 2 am we woke up to a stunning display of the aurora!  It went on for about half an hour and rippled all over sky.
While we were up there, we also stopped in a yarn shop I had not been to before.  It is pretty far away from the downtown/tourist areas, so out of where I normally am situated when I visit.  It was the Inua Wool Shop, and it is a pretty awesome shop…

They had a great book section, and a great variety of standard and premium yarns.  They had a lot of Hedgehog Fibres, Malabrigo, and Madelinetosh as well as standards like Cascade and Debbie Bliss.  Also a good selection of project bags (both commercially made and locally made), knitting needles and crochet hooks, and other tools and accessories. The sales ladies there at the time were very helpful and friendly, and knew their stock.  They also had a nice selection of local yarns – both more generally available yarns made elsewhere in Alaska, and some very local yarns.  They had a line that was dyed by one of their staff, and also a nice selection from Bad Sheep, which is dyed in North Pole AK.  North Pole is sort of a suburb on Fairbanks, and I had never heard of Bad Sheep, so this was a fun discovery for me.  Here is my souvenir skein…


It seems to be just their normal sock yarn.  I chose the colorway, Big Dipper, because the AK state flag (for any of you playing along from home who are not up on your state flags) is a big dipper of gold stars on a deep blue background.  So I felt double-Alaskan buying it 🙂

So to sum up – fabulous work trip turned semi-vacation, with a fabulous yarn-based side trip to boot.  Good week!

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