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Even Newer in the News

More Anchorage yarn-bombing news!  The second installation, which was put up in the exact same place as the previously vandalized installation, was vandalized.  This time the vandals actually cut up the knitted fabric itself, as opposed to just cutting it down but leaving it mostly intact.

I haven’t heard about any plans to try it again.  If it does go up again, it will likely be in a different location.  This same group had put up installations at the library and the museum downtown and had no problems.

In light of the speedy destruction of the second installation, I didn’t get a chance to contribute my little bit.  So I yarnbombed my own yard.  Here it is


So far the accumulated snowpile is means that only us and the neighbors directly across the cul de sac from us can see it, but day by day its cheery colors will gradually be revealed to the rest of the street.  And if any vandals want to wade through that snow to chop it up, good luck to them.  That snow is deep, and it is cold. Happy spring!

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