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This Yarnlove thing is interesting, because you kind of have to think about it a little.  Sometimes it’s easy to pick out what you want to post a picture of, other times not so much.  Community is an interesting one for me.  I started out by thinking that I don’t really have a knitting community.  I knit with my Mom, but she’s in Florida right now.  A friend I work with is also a knitter, but she is much younger than me, and we don’t hang out outside of work.  I used to belong to a knitting group, but I travel a lot for my work, which makes it kind of hard to be involved in a formal group. There are a few yarn shops in my area, but they don’t seem to have regular knit groups that you can just drop in when you happen to be around.

However – Ravelry!  I do actually have a community!


I’ve gotten to be friends with people I’ve never met, like the groups that hang around in the gnarledpaw and Geek A Long forums.  And it’s allowed me to maintain friendships with people who are physically far away from me, like one of my nieces who knits, and people I know from my Juneau knitting retreat.  And while it would be nice to have a group here in town to hang around and knit with, my online knitting community is pretty darn awesome too. We cheer each other on, commiserate when things aren’t going as well as they could be, and admire each other’s knitting. Who can ask for anything more!


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