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Today’s Yarnlove topic – Speed.  I thought a lot about what to post for this one.  Some kind of picture of continental knitting?  A picture of a dishcloth made out of superbulky?  Then I thought of my Signatures.


I have 2 pairs of Signatures. As you know if you’ve priced them, they are not inexpensive – so there probably won’t be any more in my collection anytime soon.   I love the stiletto tips, and the fabulously smooth metal means you can really knit like the wind.  I’ve always like metal needles for specifically that reason, and these are the smoothest I’ve knit with.  However, as I get older I find they are not too easy on my hands, which is another reason I’ll keep what I have, but probably not get any more.  But holy cow are they fast!

What does Speed mean in relation to yarn crafts to you?

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