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Up a Creek Without a Needle

Well, I’m away from home for work for the week, and guys, my head is just not in the game today.  I’m all ready for work – no problems there.  However, I forgot my knitting.  Let me repeat that.  I FORGOT MY KNITTING!!

Or, as I put it when I realized that I had forgot my knitting, @#**$^&@^@&$#*!!! Only I did that pretty quietly, because I was in public.

There was a whole big, carefully thought out plan of what I was going to work on this week.  I didn’t want to bring the Princess sweater along with me, because there’s a lot of support structure that goes along with working on this project.  But what I could bring was a sleeve.  So I started one of the sleeves, getting past the cuff bands that use a bunch of different yarns, and had it to the point where only the main two colors are in use.  I have a copy of the pattern printed out for just the sleeve. I have a special little tool bag with exactly the tools that will be needed for the sleeve. And the whole thing is tidily packed up in a bag that closes for flying luggage safety.  And it’s sitting on the kitchen table, where I will definitely be sure to see and and stick it in my suitcase.

I was so proud of myself – this was the plan that was going to keep me moving along on this sweater and keep me on track with my Year of Colorwork.  Now I’m losing essentially 4 days, and I’m irritated with myself on top of it.

What the heck am I going to do with myself?  How will I keep from going insane for three nights in a hotel room?  Sure, I brought my Nook, and a paper book, and my work laptop so there’s the internet.  And there’s a TV.  But still though.  What am I going to do with my hands?

Also I forgot my hairbrush, but that’s not anywhere near as big a deal.



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