Winking at Rivendell

Finally got something done!  And here it is…



Actually, I get stuff done all the time, but it feel like I have been working on Wink for a pretty long time. And I have – since early October.  But in my defense, it is a pretty big sweater, and I did have a retreat and a bunch of other things going on between then and now.  Anyway.  The important point is, its done now.  I did it in Cascade’s Lana d’Oro yarn, which is a 50/50 wool and alpaca yarn.  I have done a couple sweaters in Lana d’Oro now, and I can say I really love it.  It has great drape and is very warm and cozy.  Not a particularly crispy yarn, but it is super comfy to wear.  I made a few modifications – more room in the bosom area and a bit more length.  I was contemplating a bit more width in the back down toward the hem, but decided against.  If I had it to make again, I probably would do that, but I don’t see that happening, at least not anytime very soon.

When I found this pattern, I was looking for something lightly cabled, a kind of big sweeping coat sweater.  The kind of sweater Elrond would wear to wander around Rivendell, if Elrond wore sweaters and not big velvet cloaks.  And this sweater filled the bill.  I could totally see him pronouncing portents of doom from within its cozy and elegantly cabled depths.  Success!

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