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Fabulous Sampler Pattern Alert

So, my big staycation is in progress.  In addition to some non-knitting related tasks, yesterday I got my stash back in order – both in RL and on Ravelry.  Some future project materials got organized.  And I made great progress on my Wink – about half a sleeve left to do!

And then I got to wandering the internet, the way one does, and found more things to do, on top of the things that already need doing.  Specifically, I found the National Park Centennial Celebration Blanket .  This is a pattern set for a knitted (which almost goes without saying) afghan, made up of blocks that celebrate the U.S. National Park service centennial.  If you enjoy America’s national parks at all – and who among us doesn’t?-this afghan is awesome!  And if you don’t, it is a fabulous knitterly sampler of quite a few techniques.  Make it for someone you love who loves national parks – you will get major points.  And it is a steal at $20 for the whole pattern set, which the designers are donating to the National Park service.  For anybody who doesn’t want to do the whole thing (and if not, why not?), you can buy individual blocks for a buck each – maybe make a pillow or something.  The designers are working toward creating a backing fabric which they plan to have on sale on Spoonflower that will be suitable for the project, so that’s something to keep an eye on!  This was an KAL in 2016, but all the patterns have been released, so you can just buy them now.  So the patterns are safely in my library, the yarn is on its way, and I have one more thing to get done in 2017.

The other afghan I plan to do in 2017 is the Lattes and Llamas Geek-A-Long afghan.  If you are a crafty geek, do yourself a favor and check out this yearly tradition.  In brief, each year they pick a theme (past themes have been things like Science! and video games), and then release free weekly block patterns on that theme.  At the end of the year, you have a theme afghan – voila!  This year’s theme is Superheroes – DC vs. Marvel, so I am very much in. * We are more a Marvel family than a DC family, though I do have a fondness for some of their characters.  But either way, should be a fun thing to knit over the course of the year.

And that’s on top of the other stuff I plan to knit in 2017, about which more later.  Any crafty plans on your calendar?

*I should point out that I do have a nomination in the Fandom Fight – so if you are inclined to get involved, please consider voting for She-Hulk.  She rocks!

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