Knitting retreat

Hats Off to You!

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently took a design class with Kirsten Kapur, and designed and completed a hat.  (I also designed a shawl, but it is not knitted yet). And the process (for me, anyway) went beyond the class.  I had a finished hat at the end of the class, but further refinements to the design suggested themselves, so I had another go at it.  Here is my process.

Once we learned about shaping options and I made my decision there, the next step was to pick stitch patterns.  All I had decided was that I wanted a nautical sort of an air to the thing, so I found a chainy-looking cable and a very simple eyelet pattern that kind of suggested bubbled to me.  Between the two of them, they would fit in the stitch count I needed, given the yarn and needles I had to work with.  Here is the resulting swatch…


Close, but not quite it.  The eyelets in a band of knit stitches kind of blanks out the cable.  So I decided to change the eyelet sections to purl stitches to make the cable pop more.  Like so…


Much better!  That is what I went with for my first hat, which turned out like this…


Which is a perfectly nice hat!  Except for a few things.  The cable is close but not quite what I was going for. Really would prefer something that looks more like a chain.  Also, needed to do the decreases more sharply at the top – it is kind of pointy.  A classmate also suggested that a lighter color yarn might well show off the pattern a bit more.  She was quite correct!  So, this week I went and got different yarn (because though I have quite a lot of yarn, apparently none of it was exactly what I needed).  And so I embarked on yet another swatch.  I made slight alteration in the cable pattern, and also changed the placement of the eyelets, more or less for the heck of it.  Here is the swatch that came out of that.


That’s it!  The cable is much more chain-like, the eyelets look more like bubbles.  This is exactly what I had I had in mind.  So finally, here is the resulting hat itself.


And from the top – I’m pleased with how the stitch decreases worked out as well.


And so that’s my hat.  I’m thinking of doing mittens and possibly a scarf to go with it, because why wouldn’t I?  All in all, I’m pleased with my nifty new hat!

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