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It Wasn’t a Retreat – It was a Strategic Withdrawal

Well! Last week was a big knitting week for me – I went to my first knitting retreat!  The retreat was the 2016 Mermaids Knitting Retreat, planned and run by the fabulous Melissa Highfill of Seaside Yarns and A Tree-Hugger’s Wife Yarns. It was held at one of the lodgings attached to the Shrine of St. Theresa, slightly outside of Juneau AK.  If you follow the link, The Lodge is where we stayed.  Alternately, here it is…


Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops was our teacher for both days.  She taught us to design hats or cowls the first day, and shawls the second.  She was very informational and inspirational, and very patient with a pretty varied group.  If you get a chance to take one of her classes, go!  You’ll be glad you did.

We arrived, all of us Mermaids, on Thursday evening.  There weren’t any formal activities that night, just a delicious supper and time to explore the grounds, knit, and get to know each other. Also, we got to go through our swag bags, with some beautiful yarn Melissa dyed just for retreat attendees, along with some other goodies.

Friday and Saturday, we got up more or less in our own time, drank coffee, ate breakfast, did a little more free-time knitting, and then got down to class.  Class times were all morning and all afternoon, with a break for lunch and then wrapping up in time for dinner.  In between times, we all pretty much knitted.  The scenery around the retreat was beautiful.  Here is some of it…



There were seabirds all over the place, and we also got to see harbor seals swimming around just off shore!  If you have never been to Juneau, you should definitely consider going – it is beautiful!  But then, most of Alaska is.

I really enjoyed the classes, and feel like they went pretty well.  The design process was interesting.  I got a hat designed and knitted, though I plan to redo it – as soon as it was done I thought of a refinement.  Will post more about the process and the finished product soon.  On the second day, I got a shawl designed.  I started to knit it, but the yarn I had along with me wasn’t going to work with the design I thought up, so I left it theoretical and will start on it soon.  However, now I know a bit about the process and how to do the calculations, so I feel like I have a good start.

And finally, one last look at Juneau


2 thoughts on “It Wasn’t a Retreat – It was a Strategic Withdrawal

  1. It was really lovely meeting you and designing with you. Looking forward to seeing that shawl. I posted photos of the hats on Instagram yesterday, and want to apologize that yours was not included. Unfortunately the photos I took of you in your hat were very blurry and poorly lit — big disappointment since I really like the hat you created. Hope you had a good trip back to Anchorage.


    1. It was lovely meeting you and learning from/designing with you too! You will definitely see the shawl – it’s behind a few other projects at this point, but soon 🙂 No worries at all – the pictures are lovely – so nice to see what everyone in class came up with. In the next couple of days I will be doing a post about my process with the hat – I hit on the last refinement, and have the stitch pattern adapted just a little more so now it is exactly what I had in mind. My trip back was very good, thank you – hope yours back home was also good! Thank you again for everything 🙂


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