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As it turns out, I didn’t need the mitten project along with me.  These socks are taking forever to knit.  In the general course of things, I don’t like wearing short socks.  Knee length is about where I like them. However, that’s a lot of knitting.

A day or so into this past week’s work trip reminded me of how long these dang things take to knit.  And Halloween is Monday.  And these are candy corn stripy, which really should be done by Halloween.  Which is, again, Monday.

How far did I get?  Here is my progress as of today…


Which looks pretty good, right?  Here they are again, but this time next to the other pair of socks I made from this brand (Biscotte)of yarn


So I’ve got a bit of knitting to get done this weekend.  Back to my Wink and my mittens in a few days!

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