Travel Projects

So a whirlwind week has gone by, but not a lot of knitting news. I am away from home on a work trip – one thing that is great about work trips is that there is often plenty of time to get some knitting done in the evenings.  Most of the places I go for work are not hotbeds of evening activity, so hanging out in my hotel room is pretty much my best option.  Why not get some solid work done on a project or two? No reason at all.  So what to bring?

In general I don’t pack anything particularly valuable, or anything too complex.  The $75 skein of artyarn will not be coming with me, and neither will the Alice Starmore colorwork kit.  So projects that I didn’t spend a lot of money on, and projects that aren’t too complicated.  So, off to the current project bins to see what to pack!

In the wake of finishing my skirt or earlier post fame, I started my Wink cardigan, which has been going pretty well.  It is a top-down cardigan, and is pretty long.  However, it’s a nice mix of a little bit of complication with long stretches of stockinette.  Also, worsted weight yarn on size 7 needles, so it is humming right along.  But that is a big project, and not something I felt like dragging along with me.  The other biggish project I’m working on right now is my Candy Corn socks, which I would like to get done by Halloween (though that’s looking iffy right now).  Let’s see, no pattern really, two small balls of yarn, two circular needles… sold!  It goes in the suitcase.

But what else? What if I somehow defy even my own expectations and finish these socks before I head back to Anchorage?  Well, the other thing in the works is a pair of mittens I have been knitting to donate to AWAIC (a local women’s shelter).  This features a set of size 7 double points, 1 ball of yarn, a 1 page pattern…Also packed!  So I’m yarned up for my 4 days, 3 nights in Fairbanks, AK.  It only remains to be seen what I will actually get done.  Check back later this week and I will post results!

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