Forest Path Hap Done!

The pattern is Forest Path Hap (Ravelry Link) by Patricia Anne Fortune, and the yarn is Rauma Finull in the 4130 colorway. It was mostly a relaxing knit, as most of it is either stockinette or moss stitch. The lace part is pretty straightforward and easy. The edging is a version of picot, so it took awhile. But it is a nice effect, so worth it! I did do a slight modification, which was that I should have knit about 6 more rows of moss stitch in the last part before the edging, but honestly I was bored of it. And I think it looks fine πŸ™‚ This is going to my Mom, because this is her color.

The yarn is a little crunchy, but it has such a lovely rich mossy color it is still great yarn for this project. It’s not next-to-skin soft, but that’s OK for this project.

Definitely recommend this pattern!

10 thoughts on “Forest Path Hap Done!

  1. Very pretty! This turned out great. I have a similar issue with seed stitch… I love the way it looks, but I get bored of knitting it faster than feels reasonable. πŸ˜‰ (I can’t remember if I’ve done moss stitch, but since they’re so close I imagine I would have a similar issue with moss stitch.)

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      1. Exactly! This is the kind of knitting that makes me very glad I can listen to audiobooks or podcasts while knitting… since I actually need to LOOK at seed stitch to knit it, TV knitting doesn’t work as well.

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  2. That is pretty! Love the color!

    Today’s tip (because I’m making a shawl that my husband describes as using embroidery floss and darning needles):
    Just because you count when you knit, doesn’t mean you knitted what you counted.

    Had to redo one section 4 times because of a dropped (microscopic) stitch. 300 stitches on the needle and since it’s lace you cannot simply go and pick up the stitch and place it into the pattern because now you’ve done crosses and YO around it and all those stitches are now incorrect. You have to UNKNIT back 4 or 5 rows to find the mistake, then reknit them. 45 minutes/row to unknit.

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