Wednesday WIPs

For a change I’ve got three projects on the go right now!

Powdermill is moving right along! It’s one of those fun knits that looks much more complicated than it is. I am enjoying this one a lot, though it may wind up in hibernation for the next month or so because I have way overcommitted to KALs.

Who Ya Gonna Shawl is likewise moving along. I’m almost done with clue 5 of 6. This is another fun knit. Also, now that I’ve seen the finished project, I am looking forward to having it to wear.

And finally, I got a start on my Forest Path Hap last night. It is going to be a pretty quick knit, and as most of it is either stockinette or see stitch, it’s going to be a pretty easy one, too.

What are you working on these days, and how is it going?

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