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Knitter’s Bookshelf: Timeless Tyrolean Knitwear

Finally, something to write about other than a progress report!!

Timeless Tyrolean Knitwear is the handiwork of Linda Ivell, aka Knitting4Victory on Instagram. She is an art historian and has been recreating vintage knitwear for quite a while. (40 years!)

Although the book has quite a few patterns, it’s not just a pattern book. There is a section on the origin of the Tyrolean style and it’s ongoing influence on fashion over the years. There is also an invaluable section on vintage yarns. Where to find them, how to care for them, and how to replace them with modern yarns if that is the way you are going to go. She also has a nice section on vintage findings – buttons, zippers, etc. She also discusses some of the types of buttons and findings that were popularly used with this style of sweater.

Then there are the patterns. The majority of the sweaters in this book are modern recreations of vintage patterns. So you will see the original pattern, and then get the instructions for recreating it.

Some of the patterns feature embroidery embellishments on the knitting – she has instructions and illustrations to help you with that.

There are also instruction on how to handle some of the garment construction details that are not in such common use today, like the leg-of-mutton sleeves and squared shoulder details. This will be very helpful to anyone who does not have a lot of experience with this type of sewing or knitting.

And finally, there is a section on designing your own Tyrolean piece. She goes through the different design elements and choices you would need to make. This section is illustrated with her own original design, which is pretty cool as well!

This is a very well done book. The writing is clear and engaging, the photos are clear and show the sweaters and vests off very nicely. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes this style of garment, and also to anyone interested in recreating vintage knitwear of any kind!

10 thoughts on “Knitter’s Bookshelf: Timeless Tyrolean Knitwear

    1. Those styles would look great on you! I don’t know what historical period I would want to be in – they all have their pros and cons compared today. I often think the 50’s would be fun, but that’s possibly just because everything looked so cool 🙂

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  1. This looks like a fascinating book! Though, I’m sad to say I’m not a huge fan of the knitwear of that era. It looks overly complicated to me. This still seems like a really neat look into recreating it, though, and I’m super glad she included yarn substitution ideas.

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