Wednesday WIPs!

Progress continues with all three projects.

I’m about halfway through the second pattern repeat in my Powdermill. It’s going well and it’s a fun knit. Just interesting enough to not be boring, but not too complex.

I’m on the decrease side of this first part of my Ocean Sunset shawl. After I’m finished decreasing, I need to pick up stitches along the bottom edge and start the lace rows.

And a little bit of progress on DH’s socks! It’s around time for me to start obsessively measuring off the distance until I can turn the heels, though in reality that point is several inches away.

I’m trying to get as much done on these now as I can, because the Who Ya Gonna Shawl? MKAL (Ravelry link) starts on Friday, and I’m excited to get started. One or two of these current projects might go on hold for just a little while when that project starts. But we shall see!

How about you? What are you working on and how is it going?

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