Mitt Monday

I swear I will get back to Sock-it-to-Me Monday one of these days, though probably not until after the holidays. Until then I have an entirely self-imposed ton of mitts and mittens to make, preferably before Christmas. So here is my current mitt, just finished today…

Bone-A-Fide mitt #1! This is from this year’s Jimmy Beans Fright Club, and goes with the hat of earlier post fame. I’ve just gotten a start on mitt #2, but this one knit up really fast, so I’m hoping that it will be done within a day or two. I might actually have enough yarn left over to do a cowl as well, though I’m not sure if I will do that. I do already have a ton of cowls, and more in the works, so might just pass on this one.

Are you doing any gift knitting this year? If so, what are you planning on making?

14 thoughts on “Mitt Monday

      1. That makes sense too! I suppose I also have periods in there where I’m knitting for the sake of knitting, and so those projects often end up as presents because I didn’t have a plan for the finished project. I just wanted to knit the thing.

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