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Basic Bullet Journaling – One or More?

I have been keeping all of my notes and tasks and trackers and so on in one journal. That’s what the creator of the bujo method recommends, and it also makes a lot of sense.

However, recently a nosy person I work with has made it clear she’s looking at my notes, because she started asking me things like “What’s a Ghost Knitter shawl?” “Are you knitting at work?” and so. So now I’m rethinking and maybe should keep my knitting and personal stuff in a different journal. Or maybe I’m over reacting, and should just close it when nosy people are around.

If you bullet journal, do you have one journal where you keep everything, or separate journals for separate topics?

28 thoughts on “Basic Bullet Journaling – One or More?

  1. My journals got so intertwined that if there was something specific I wanted to look at and review, I couldn’t find it. I have journals going back 2 decades (that I can find!) and so I have a thinking journal where I look at philosophical issues, one for my businesses (I have 3) and one for personal use like my diet and workout, to-do lists, hobbies and the like. Whenever we go on trips, I keep a trip journal with pictures and the like.

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  2. With nosy co-workers, maybe you can have a personal one and a business one that remains closed. It would take guts to open up someone’s journal and read it on their desk. Or if it’s all personal stuff put a mouse trap on it! πŸ™‚

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  3. I have 4 journals. One for my daily planning list and ideas. . Another for my craft projects. Another for books I have read. And one more for my daily thoughts and feelings. I will admit, my book journal has kind of fallen to the wayside. The other three stay are always up to date and have been for 5 years. Two of them even travel with me. Each person n eed to figure out what works best for them. I admit, it has taken me 4 years to find the two daily planners that gives me joy. In fact, I already have the ones for 2023 purchased and set up.

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  4. Um that is not cool, co-worker! I’d be tempted to say something back, like, “Why are you reading my personal notes?” If it works well for you to have it all in one notebook, I say stick with it! It definitely sounds convenient!

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  5. Holy smokes, this person is sticking their nose into your journal?!!! Don’t you wish you could slip a mousetrap or two in there? What a crack up it would be if they looking into my journal… I have 1) a list of the cytokines active in my autoimmune disease along with… 2) a chart of the cytokines impacted by different foods I eat… 3) food and symptoms log… 4) the directions to a sweater that I am hacking from two different patterns and some fevered imagination… checks journal… 5) my bank account totals…6) ideas for my will… 7) grocery lists… 8) book I want to read… and notes from phone conversations. I would go crazy with different journals as I go crazy with the day planner and my password book as it is. Put a binder clip on the journal so that it is harder for that person to get into it without obviously violating your privacy!! Or maybe, make some separate sections in the journal and use little binder clips to keep the knitting stuff closed. If you had a recipe in there, would you be asked about cooking at work?

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  6. I started keeping a knitting journal however long ago it was now when there was that major kerfuffle with the Ravelry color palate. I was planning on moving off Rav entirely, and keeping a paper journal instead. Well, that didn’t work as well as I had planned, but I am still keeping the knitting journal. I find it easier to compile a specific project’s notes that way. The official BuJo stance is great in some ways, but for me the project tracking wasn’t as easy having everything in one journal.

    Also, boo for nosy co-workers! Though at least now you know who you need to hide EVERYTHING from. Jeez.

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    1. That is a good point about the knitting journal! Do you have a knitting-specific journal, like the Strickplaner, or do you use a plain journal?
      Yes for sure about nosy coworkers! Definitely keeping things more hidden.


      1. I am using a plain journal, but partly because at the time I started it I didn’t know about the knitting-specific journals. It works for what I want, though! I also have a mini printer that I use to print photos of the finished objects to include.

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      2. Oh very cool!! I have been using a knitting specific one, and it isn’t thrilling me. It’s kind of too restrictive in some ways, but then also has spaces that I am unlikely to ever use. I’m kind of thinking of abandoning it for just a regular journal that I can customize as I want. I love the mini-printer idea! That would be cool for regular journaling as well sometimes πŸ™‚


      3. The pictures are one of my favorite parts of Ravelry, honestly, so when I was trying to figure out what I would miss if I left it completely that was a must! Though the photo printer has been much more useful than I expected when I bought it. πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy yours!

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