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Countdown to Halloween – Week 2!

I’ve had another lovely week of surprises in my Halloween yarn countdowns πŸ™‚

I managed to keep the 31 Days of Haunted America miniskeins in order this week! They are (l-r) Dudleytown, CT; Willows Weep House; Union Cemetery, Easton, CT; Clown Motel (enough said); Lake Lanier, GA; The Old Jail, St. Augustine, FL; and Stanley Hotel. So far I like all the yarn colors, though they may wind up being separated out for different projects. Which is fine – spread the joy!

This week’ly’s Cryptid kit is Jersey Devil themed! (Check out this page on the New Jersey state website concerning their devil. Also please note that this page is in the Famous NJ section.)

This week’s package contains the yarn set, a little card about the devil, some cool stitch markers, and some Jersey Devil tea! Also the download code for some very nifty Jersey Devil mitts, which I plan to make at the next opportunity πŸ™‚

I’m enjoying opening up a little bit of yarn every day, and the weekly packages are to open on Mondays, which is a great way of making the worst day of the week a little bit better. Do you do advents/countdown for Christmas (or any other occasions)?

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