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Basic Bullet Journaling: Am I Ready

Am I ready for full-on fanciness?

A little while ago, I found a shop on Etsy called Sticker My Journal that has cute seasonal and monthly sticker sets. So I bought the October/Halloween one. Will I be able to figure out what to do with all of these stickers, or will I stick them all on one or two pages with no sense or reason? Only time will tell.

If you journal, do you fancy yours up with stickers and so on, or leave it plain?

12 thoughts on “Basic Bullet Journaling: Am I Ready

    1. I’ve been pretty plain with mine so far. The stickers this month are just an experiment, so we’ll see how I do with them. My suspicion is that I will use little bits of decoration here and there, but mostly stay pretty plain. But who knows ?


  1. I use stickers in my planner and I love it. When I’m looking at all I need to get done I appreciate the cheer they add. They also get me to sit down and actually plan…. which I should be doing right now.

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