Wednesday WIPS

I’m down to two projects at the moment, my Ghost Knitter’s shawl, and a start on my Bone-a-Fide hat.

The Ghost Knitter’s Shawl (Ravelry link) is coming along. I still have doubts about the stripe colors, but am getting more used to them, I think. Or maybe I will wind up giving it to someone. Time will tell! I only have a little more to go until I get to the skull lace!

I just got the barest start on my Bone-a-Fide hat (Ravelry link), but it’s something. There’s a fair amount of ribbing to go, then on to the colorwork!

What are you working on these days, and how is it going?

18 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPS

  1. I forgot to answer your question! I’m still knitting the Bonnie Isle Hat from Shetland Wool Week. The colorwork is rhythmic and rewarding. I’m enjoying it more than last year’s kep; I don’t know if it’s these particular colorwork repeats, or the color of the yarn, or what? But I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

    Pictured here: but it’s a lot further along!

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