Very Late Progress Report

I’m a few days late for Wednesday WIP – maybe Saturday Sweaterday? Anway,

Drops 106-11 is proceeding along pretty well! The back is done, and I am maybe halfway up the fronts. In a few inches I start binding off for the sleeve area and broadening out the center bands for the collar. It’s a nice straightforward pattern, and the yarn (beautifully dyed by Alissa of Headknits) is just delightful.

I’m a little bit struggling to find things to write about with knitting, as I am working on two projects that I can talk about, and really they are kind of just the same things with a little more added on. I’m temporarily out of new knitting books to talk about. It’s cooling off here, and my flowers are all slowly dying. The only other things that’s going on new is an upcoming trip and also I’m trying some new things with bullet journaling. So there may be a journaling post in the near future!

So what’s new with you?

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