Flombre Finish!

My third project for the Colour to Knit Club, the Flombre hat, is done!

Flombre is made up of flowers and ombre, and is an exercise in combining two different gradients – one for the background and one for the flowers in the foreground. The yarns are changed over at different rates and in different ways, which makes for an interesting look. Now that I’m done with this project, there are some things I would do differently with the yarns I chose. However, it will do.

There is a mitten pattern included with this project, which I do intend to make at some point. But not quite yet 🙂

Now it’s off to be blocked and for me to weave in roughly a million ends!

16 thoughts on “Flombre Finish!

  1. That’s really pretty!

    I don’t have much of a mind for knitting right now, except for the very easy assigned pooling cowl I’m working on. Can’t concentrate on my linen top (easy lace pattern, but still lace) or my 3 skeins o’fun which will require a lot of MATH to turn it upside down so the bees/butterflies are right side up. Oy.

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