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Knitter’s Bookshelf: Used Book Haul

We visited our local used bookstore, Title Wave, to cash in some of the massive amount of credits we have from a recent clearing out of our bookshelves. Although we are generally trying to get rid of books. sometimes its fun to poke around the shelves to see what is there. I think of it as kind of consolidating – I nearly always bring bags of books in and come back with just a few.

Here is my most recent haul!

For all three of these books, the title pretty much tells you what to expect. Knitting Socks From Around the World is an array of sock patterns, some are taken directly from various knitting traditions, others are inspired by those traditions. The patterns are all detailed and specific, and there is quite a variety of styles and looks.

Knitting With Beads explains how to embellish knits with bead embroidery as well as how to use beads directly on your knitting. There are a few ways to do this, and the book shows you all the different methods. The patterns range from simple to complex, from sweaters to smaller accessories. If you just want to try beading your knitting in different ways, this book gives you some good smaller projects to play with to learn the techniques.

Finally, Slip-Stitch Knits is again pretty self-explanatory. The different types of slip-stitch knitting – elongated slips, mosaic, etc. – are all explained and used in patterns for accessories. Just like the previous book, if you want to try out slip-stitch knitting, this is a great place to start. You will find small projects without a lot of complications to dip a toe in, and a few that are a little more challenging.

Have you found any used book treasures lately (crafty or not)?

12 thoughts on “Knitter’s Bookshelf: Used Book Haul

  1. These look like some good picks! I haven’t gone looking in our local second-hand book shop recently, though I think it might be time for another stop in. (We have a Half Price Books, which is not nearly as cool as your Title Wave sounds.)

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