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Knitter’s Bookshelf: Handknits from Rauma Norway

If you were just thinking “There are nowhere near enough books about Norwegian knitting featured in this blog!” I’ve got you covered. Handknits from Rauma Norway by Bente Presterud is about knitting Norwegian garments designed by Norwegian designers using Norwegian wool created in a Norwegian yarn factory.

Kidding aside, Handknits from Rauma Norway is not necessarily what you would think of when you think about this genre of knitting book. There are some typically Scandinavian designs, but there also less typical designs. All the designs come from Rauma Garn yarns and most if not all can be found on their website. But if you like their aesthetic, this book is a good way to get a sort of cross section of their patterns.

Here are some of the more typically Norwegian designs

And some of the less typical

Also, if you’ve ever wanted to knit your own sweat suit/pajamas, this book can help you out!

There are a lot of great patterns in this book, and it is nicely put together. The patterns are well written and the charts are very clear. There are plenty of lovely pictures of Norway throughout, which is a nice touch. I especially appreciated all the pictures of Norwegian sheep!

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