Friday FO – Cheers! Mitts done

The second project for Felicity Ford’s Color for Knitting club is the Cheers! mitts. The idea with this project is to take a very variegated yarn, pick out some of the colors in the yarn and find solids or tonals to match. The variegated yarn is used throughout, and you use the matching yarns in a stranded texture pattern. We were supposed to stick with 4 colors, but I would up going to 6. Though some were just darker and lighter shades of the same colors.

The variegated yarn I used is the sideways cake. At first I was just using the pinks and blues, but it didn’t have any oomph. Once I threw in the black and white, it appealed to me much more. I’m also glad I stuck to using both the light and dark versions of the pink and blue. On the coloring pages at least, all light was a little underwhelming, and all dark was too in-you-face. I’m happy with the mix of all of it together!


As with the previous project in this club, we had coloring sheets to experiment with yarn order and so on. I like that approach to finding colors that are going to work and be personally appealing in a pattern. Next month’s project in this club is going to be a colorwork hat and mitts – looking forward to picking out my colors for that!

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