Why Yes, I Would Like to Have a Tea Adventure!

August Uncommon recently started offering mystery tea boxes under this enticing name. And since I’m definitely up for a tea adventure, I bit. Here is what the first month of this subscription brought me:

The theme for this month’s box is Forest & Field and how can I not like a tea called Neon Forest? I initially thought these teas might be exclusive to the boxes, but was just out on their website poking around, and there they all were. Are they new? Did I somehow just miss them before? I have no idea. But in any case, I got to try three new teas I hadn’t had before, and I’m glad I did! If you are interested in going on a tea adventure yourself, the box options are here.

10 thoughts on “Why Yes, I Would Like to Have a Tea Adventure!

  1. Yum! I sent the tea adventure box to Bob as a gift idea. I’m surprised they are using Sweet Woodruff in tea. In the past, the FDA only allowed it in wine, for May wine, due to low level toxicity. I planted some seeds, but they haven’t germinated yet. I really like the flavor of woodruff in May wine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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