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Knitter’s Bookshelf: Icelandic Mittens

I’m back! With another knitting book! Sorry for the long radio silence – I had a few potential health issues going on, but all is well and I’ve got bandwidth for blogging again.

Anyway. Icelandic Mittens: Traditional Patterns Reimagined, does pretty much exactly what the title says it is going to do. The author examined mittens in the Textile Museum in northern Iceland and charted patterns based on them.

The patterns in the book are pretty close to the original, though often examples in different, more modern colors are shown. A wide variety of styles are shown, using an array of techniques. Many of the mittens are colorwork, though a few are lace or textured. They range in complexity from more basic to very ornate. In short, there is something here for everyone. For each pattern, the author shows a photo of the originals and writes a little bit about them, and about the new version.

Patterns are both written out and charted, so you can use whichever method you like for knitting your own!

If you like knitting mittens and/or have an interest in Icelandic knitting, this book would be a great addition to your knitting library!

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