Look! A Shiny Thing!

I don’t have anything to report on my WIPs this week, as I have set them all aside to do a test knit! Michele Bernstein of PDXknitterati was looking for test knitters for a new cowl/shawl called Cosette, and it looks like such a cool project I decided to give it a try! The knitting is going really well, and I’m happy with how it is turning out. I can’t show you my project so far, but I can show you the yarns I am using:

The colors are a little outside my wheelhouse, but they are really pretty together. Both are from Gnarledpaw, a dyer I really liked who closed up shop a few years ago. I bring her skeins out of my stash very grudgingly, but they are really shining in this project 🙂

Have you every done test knitting? Tell me about your experience!

12 thoughts on “Look! A Shiny Thing!

  1. Those are really pretty yarns! I’m sad that the dyer closed up shop and I can’t go buy any. 😦 I can see why you save them for special projects.
    I’m actually currently wrapping up a test knit now! It’s a pair of socks I’m doing for one of my favorite nerdy designers. (I’ve done I think 3 other test knits for them at this point—a shawl, another pair of socks, and a sweater.) I like that they don’t restrict us from showing pictures of our WIPs, though of course we can’t include pictures of their pattern or design notes.

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