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Warm Up America: Stitch Your State

The Great Yarn Challenge is hosted by the Craft Yarn Council, and is a fiber competition that consists of weekly challenges based around different themes. The challenge I am most interested in so far is a project to knit squares for Warm Up America.

You probably already know about Warm Up America, but just in case you don’t, they are a non-profit that provides hand-knitted and -crocheted blankets, garments, and accessories made by crafters across the country and donated to people in need. In addition to donating entire blankets, you can also create blocks to send in to them, which other volunteers will join together to create blankets. They would prefer that blocks be 7 x 9 inches for ease of assemly, and that they be made of medium-weight, washable yarn so the recipients can more easily care for them.

The theme for this challenge is Stitch Your State. There is a free, downloadable set of state-shaped patterns to help you out with this project. The idea is to knit your state, then do some stitching or other embellishing to personalize and decorate your state’s patch and then donate it to Warm Up America. You can download the patterns from the link above.

Now, I LOVE state shaped things. Even better are things featuring the whole US with state shapes included. I also love things that just reference all the states. I have half a shelf of cookbooks with titles like “Pies From All 50 States” and “Sandwiches from Across America!” So I am definitely going to make a block of my state to send in. Furthermore, I just found my next insane afghan project for after I finish my National Parks Centennial afghan.

Happy Knitting to All the States in the US!

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