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Knitter’s Bookshelf: Twisted Stitch Sourcebook

The Twisted Stitch Sourcebook by Norah Gaughan is a thorough, detailed, and well-organized book about, as the title implies, twisted stitch knitting. This book came out last year, so it is not super-new. Lots of people have already gotten into this book, and many have already sung it’s praises. But I’m going to add mine in anyway 🙂

The books starts off with basics: choosing the best yarn for your project, how to work twisted stitches, troubleshooting twisted stitches and so forth. There is a fairly in-depth section about working from charts, and knitting symbols, so if you have questions or difficulties with that, this would be a great section to read through.

The next sections are on the stitch patterns. The book starts with patterns that are all diagonals, then adds in horizontal and vertical elements, and continues on into further additions like lace and asymmetry.

Each stitch pattern is charted and written out, so regardless of your preference there, you will be able to use these patterns easily. The pictures are very clear, and the samples are knitted in yarn that really shows off the stitches, which is also helpful.

After all the stitch patterns, there is a variety of garment patterns using twisted stitches. There are quite a few pullovers and cardigans, and a few accessories as well, so you can try it out to your comfort level.

The final section gives you tools to design your own projects using twisted stitches generally, and the stitch patterns in the book specifically. Kate Davies has noted that she has found this book really helpful in creating some of her recent designs, and I can see that this will truly be a helpful resource in designing.

If you are at all interested in twisted stitches as a design element, you may want to check out this book!

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