Back to Class – Vogue Knitting Live

After a pretty long break from online classes, I jumped back in with Vogue Knitting Live this weekend. Saturday I took Killer Color Cables with Melissa Leapman. The technique we focused on was stranded cabling. If you have done stranded colorwork and cabling, you will not find this too tough. Keeping the floats/tension right was the big challenge, as it usually is.

Then today I had a class with Alexandra Davidoff on knitting the dragonscale pattern. She has done several shawl patterns in this pattern, all of them pretty nifty. This technique/stitch pattern is another thing that looks like it is hard but really isn’t. I haven’t blocked this yet, which should really bring it out a bit better. We were working from a new pattern of hers called Dragoness, which is being published in a Koigu book. This is just a small section, just to get the hang of the pattern. However, she does have a bunch of similar patterns on her website if you like the look.

It was nice to take a few classes again. I learned quite a bit, and got some project inspiration as well. Both good things!

9 thoughts on “Back to Class – Vogue Knitting Live

  1. Colorwork cables sound cool, though I can’t currently think of a project where I’d want to knit them. But that dragonscale pattern… I love it! I’m going to go check out her site because I must have dragonscale something. 😉 Thanks for the links!

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