Vertices Unite Progress

My Vertices Unite is moving along – I have just finished section 2!

So far I’m happy with it. The four yarns that make up these two sections will make up most of the rest of the shawl, alone or in different combinations. The only other different yarn is the next section. Here is the section 3 yarn…

That should brighten things up!

What are you working on now?

15 thoughts on “Vertices Unite Progress

  1. Ooh that looks an interesting colour to add! Looking forward to watching your progress. I am currently ‘looking’ at a 3/4 finished crochet blanket and a finished toddler jumper – the jumper was to fit a 2/3 year old but it came out huge – not sure whether to gift it to someone other than the toddler!

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      1. As there are two sisters fairly close in age I was originally going to gift a jumper to each of them. Now I just need to decide if the next thing I make is that second jumper – in which case the one I’ve made could be grown into! Otherwise there is another little girl in another part of the family it might go to. Decisions, decisions!

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