Wednesday WIPs

Some progress to report! The Halloween hat is moving along. I just started the decreases, so not too much knitting left. After that is done there is a little duplicate stitching to do on the pumpkins, then blocking and so on. I’m pretty happy with this hat – it is cute, and it’s an easy pattern. And I do love the Halloween projects!

My Damele top is getting close to done too. Around 6 more inches to knit on the sleeves, then blocking and sewing together and finishing. I’m looking forward to this being done. Partially because I’m looking forward to wearing it, and partially because its pretty boring to knit. This yarn is a little fiddly to work with, although the fabric does look good.

And finally, I’m on the second section of my Vertices Unite. This section is a bit smaller than the first, and it constantly gets smaller as you work on it, so I’m hoping to make some reasonable progress on it. I like the way the colors are working together, which is a relief 🙂

What are you working on these days and how is it going?

12 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. These all look great! I love the way the second section of Vertices Unite looks. Though I think that was probably a section that was picked up from the stitches of the prior section? That part doesn’t sound as much fun. 😉 (Picking up stitches is not one of my favorite parts of knitting.)

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