Roam* Finished!

The pattern is Roam*, and the yarn is Silky Solo in the Boheme colorway. I will say this yarn is a little splitty, but it has a really beautiful sheen. It kind of balances out πŸ™‚ I really enjoyed knitting this project. It is a nice mix of stockinette with bursts of pattern knitting. The pattern and yarn are both from Chasing Rabbits Fiber Co, and are part of their Assigned Pooling collection. I have a few other patterns in this collection and yarn to make 2 other projects, so will be exploring this technique more πŸ™‚

*Edited to fix the name of the pattern. I bought Calico and Roam at the same time and started Roam, then set it aside for a few weeks to work on other things. Then when I picked it up again, I totally forgot which one I was knitting. D’oh! Ironically, it was another goof of mine that brought this to my attention. I suddenly noticed I had unapproved and unanswered comments from a couple weeks ago, one of which was to an earlier post about this shawl. So apologies for the goof, and also, mildly granola, you are right! I totally did sing the B-52s a lot of the time when I was working on this. At least I did when I remembered the pattern name. *Facepalm!*

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