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There and Back Again

I spent most of this week in Pennsylvania visiting my in-laws, hence the very little communication here. I am working on catching up on everyone’s blogs, and hope to have them read within the next day or two.

It wasn’t really a touristing trip, as we spent most of our time at DH’s parents’ house. We did get out a little – we got to eat at the world’s best hot dog place, Yocco’s. We got to revisit a few old haunts as well, though a lot has changed. And I did get to visit a pretty nice yarn shop, about which more tomorrow.

What I mostly did though, was knit. We spent a lot of time hanging out and talking with the family, and they know me well enough that they don’t mind me knitting while we are socializing. Also, the trip between Anchorage and Allentown is around 16 hours of travel, counting time hanging around in airports. So I had all kinds of time to knit!

What I mostly worked on was the Roam shawl.

Since we got home Thursday night, I have gotten some work in on my Fright Night socks and Betwixt shawl – but more about those later!

16 thoughts on “There and Back Again

  1. Lovely shawl project and such an interesting design. The yarn is beautiful! I look forward to seeing it finished. I haven’t been on a plane for years. Hubby and I prefer driving, it’s more fun to us and we can see new things. Glad you had a good trip.

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    1. Aw! I was thinking about letting you know I was coming, but it was a pretty short visit, and I know you’ve got a lot going on 🙂 It was a pretty nice visit. True – though there’s a lot new, it’s mostly not really things to go and see. And a lot that was touristy is closed! Roadside America shut down! Which I guess isn’t a surprise, but it’s sad.

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      1. They were bought out and majorly downsized. The few employees are on the second floor but I didn’t see a sign with the new company name. It’s all different. You can see the waiting area for the medical offices from the back parking lot.

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