Well, I got my socks done this evening – with one small problem. The colorwork bands are too tight and won’t fit over my heels. D’oh!

I tried to fit them both on several times, then went to the classic next step. “Maybe it will block out!”

It did not block out.


Oh well. I know what I did wrong – I just kept the yarns too tight for the bat section, and also I think I caught the floats too frequently, which does also make for a less flexible fabric. So tomorrow I will be ripping back to the beginning of the colorwork section.

It could be worse! The colorwork was fun to knit, now I get to knit it over again. But looser this time!

How are your projects going?

28 thoughts on “D’oh!

  1. Oh no! This is why I generally have been scared of colorwork socks. Hopefully you enjoy knitting them the second time around just as much. I’ve hit the point on my afterthought everything socks where I’m ready to be done with them, but know I should keep going a little bit longer.

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  2. Oops – you are so good to rip back right away – that’s the kind of project that would have had me in an angry tizz and may have been confined to the back of the cupboard. I saw something similar on a craft at a MacMillan coffee morning last month – fingerless gloves with a pattern wrist band – no one could slip them on to try them yet the palms looked like they’d fit ok.

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