Several Shades of Gray

…is the overall impression of my wardrobe πŸ˜€

Everything is proceeding along – not super fast, but moving. Really just starting on the socks and the Arrowhead cardigan, and a little more than halfway with the shawl. But I’m happy with how it’s all going.

What are you working on right now – crafty or not – and how is it going?

22 thoughts on “Several Shades of Gray

  1. I notice when I look in my bags of WIPs there are several shades of green! And again I was looking at sale yarn on line – in green! My stash contains a big smattering of purple too. Current WIP to hand is limeish green – a cardigan for me – left front done, right front half done, back done but needs to be ripped back as I realise somewhere I read the pattern wrong and the back has a different ribbing – oops – I blame poor light/wine/operation recuperation/anything !

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  2. At least you have the sweater to break it up a little! But the grey is nice if you know you will love it and wear it. I keep coming back to greens and teals because they look best on me. I finished my crop top this week, so I’m dividing time between a pair of socks and a little project for a friend before deciding what the next big thing I want to work on is.

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