What’s Next?

The August project for the Confident Knitting club is the Lustrous shawl, designed by Noma Ndlovu, and the technique this month is reversible cables.

Is that a swatch you see? Yes it is, though I generally don’t do them for accessories. However, we were advised to do a swatch, as the amount of yarn doesn’t have a lot of leeway if more is needed to finish the pattern. And this is an actual big deal as the pattern starts from the wide end and goes to the point. I’m kind of excited about that, as it will be nice to have a shawl get quicker and easier as I go instead of the other way šŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m glad I did do a swatch, as my swatch was significantly bigger on the suggested needle size. What you see there is the next size down. It’s still a little big, but hopefully it will work. If not, they have more of this yarn in the shop, so it should be fine! The yarn is Fyberspates Vivacious DK in Pebble Beach. It uses up 3 skeins, which are already wound and ready to go. Hopefully will get a start on this over the weekend!

Below is the front and back of the cables – slightly different look, but pretty on both sides!

Are you starting any new endeavors? Do tell!

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